Vilnius Region guided tour

This tour is flexible and available whenever you need! You can book this tour at any time, subject to our tour guide availability. Please contact us to check dates and availability.

Tour Overview

If you are in Vilnius for a day or two, and looking to spend the time touring the best sights in Vilnius county, then this tour is perfect for you!

Vilnius county tour is a one-day tour and its duration is between 8 – 12 hours, depending on how much time is spent sightseeing. During this tour we will cover 225 km on most exciting regional roads. There is also an option to split the tour over two days, with an overnight stay half-way through.

Tour itinerary

This guided tour starts and ends in the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius. We can meet you anywhere in the city if you’re visiting on your own bike, or you can enjoy this tour in a sidecar of a retro motorcycle. Unforgettable experience is guaranteed riding in the sidecar one of our 30+ year old retro motorcycles, such as Soviet models Ural, Dnepr, and K-750! If you prefer modern bikes, we can arrange that as well – please see details of all tour options below.

The first landmark on the tour is Medininkai Castle, a Grand Duchy of Lithuania XIV century defensive castle which is located in the South-eastern corner of Lithuania. From here we’ll take winding regional roads towards breathtaking Trakai castle that is located on an island. After some history we’ll head towards a natural wonder of Velnio Duobe (Devil’s Hole), which is quite literally a massive hole in the middle of the forest and a swamp in the bottom. Legends of the devil himself causing this hole are told by the locals, so be wary if you choose an overnight stay nearby! Actually, the first in Lithuania specialized motorcycle camping „Škilietai“ is located just minutes away between two lakes, making it our preferred option for overnight stay during this tour.

The final main landmark of the tour is Kernavės Piliakalniai (UNESCO world heritage site). It’s a series of 5 mounds located by the river Nėris. This magical location is the cradle of Lithuanian state and the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Today is a tourist attraction and an archaeological site of a medieval city.

Tour Options and Pricing

1. Guide’s services only (best option if you are traveling with your own motorcycle) – € 150

2. Riding on our retro motorcycles (driver’s services and fuel inclusive) – € 150 per motorcycle

3. Riding on modern motorcycles (self-drive or with driver, fuel inclusive) –  € 150 per motorcycle

4. Self-guided tour. A free tour for you to ride yourself. All riders that e-mail us a picture of themselves near all of the four key objects of the tour, will get a free sew-on patch! Please send pictures and your information to