Mototourism was established by bikers for bikers. Established in 1998 to promote motorcycle tourism and culture in Lithuania, Mototourism is known for organizing Baltic Retro motocross championships, rallies, tours, and supplyling OEM parts for rare vintage motorcycles from Soviet era. Our guides are members of Lithuanian motorcycling federation and FIM Europe Touring Committee.

In the last years, Lithuania and the eastern Europe has become increasingly popular destination among motorcycle tourists, especially those who have toured for a few years and are now looking for that next undiscovered road. As active motorcyclists ourselves, we have started to organize guided motorcycle tours – with our local knowledge and vast network in Lithuania and the neighboring countries, we are in a unique position to offer you guided trips that combine the best of Lithuanian roads, culture, history, and nature.

All our guides have more than 15 years experience, including difficult winter-time expeditions to famous winter events such as Elefantentreffen and Augustusburg Winter Party in Germany and winter rallies deep in mainland Russia, such as “Medved Shatun” in Yaroslavl and “Snow Dogs” in Samara. To spice it up even more, we’ve often embarked on these journeys on old Soviet era motorcycles manufactured in the 70’s!

As a member of the European Union and the Schengen area, Lithuania is easily accessible from across the world and visa-free for citizens of EU countries. For this reason Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania is serving as the hub and starting point of all our trips.

After touring Russia and Belarus for a number of years, we have now further expanded our tour geography to Belarus and Kaliningrad. With our local network, fluent russian and english, and know-how of the visa regime and bureaucracy, you can now experience the old Prussian heritage in Kaliningrad and the undiscovered Belarus on a motorcycle.